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Facts About Chicago Summers

Chicago is a jewel in Middle America, and a beautiful place to visit and live — with no shortage of things to do and see and enjoy. Chicago in summer is just about the best time to visit, too. Not only is the weather sublime, but it’s also a time of great activity when you […]

Remove Cigarette Smoke From Your Home

Tips to Remove Cigarette Smoke From Your Home The lingering scent of cigarette smoke can be aggravating and even hazardous to your health. Are you looking to remove cigarette smoke from a home? If so, there are several DIY tips you can try. Eventually, though, to fully eradicate the scent and its effects, you’ll want […]

Fix Water Damaged Floors

It’s a nightmare situation: Your home has flooded or otherwise suffered water damage. And now you want to start fixing the problem immediately. Before you get too deep into DIY water restoration, know that it’s important to find a water damage restoration professionals to help with the more intensive portions of the project. That’s said, […]

Can I Do Water Restoration by Myself?

Few things are more frustrating than water damage. It can leave disgusting odors and it can damage flooring, furniture and other property. It can even pose a health risk if left unaddressed. You may be wondering: Can I handle water restoration by myself? Of course, there are several things you can do to help reduce […]

Signs You Have Mold in Your Home

One of the biggest health hazards in your home is the presence of black mold. Besides being unsightly — when you can see it — mold is a toxin that can affect your breathing and cause myriad health problems if allowed to grow unchecked. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes hard to tell if you have a mold […]

Hoarder Clean-up Tips

While hoarding clean-up sounds like a difficult task, it may be even harder than it seems. The first step is figuring out how to start decluttering. Hoarder homes may not only have newspapers, dishes, bags and other items everywhere, but there may also be vermin, mold or other toxic entities associated with poor cleanliness habits. […]

Guide to Linclon Park Chicago

Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL Lincoln Park is a vibrant section of Chicago with plenty of things to do. Lincoln Park, Chicago residents enjoy great shopping, dining, parks and entertainment opportunities year ‘round, as well as access to all the important services one needs for day-to-day neighborhood life. Here are some of the features Lincoln Park, […]

Tips to Repair Smoke Damage in Furniture

Unfortunately, the effects of a house fire can linger for a while. The smell of smoke seems to ooze out of every fiber in your sofa, and even your grandmother’s beautiful cherry dining room table smells like a chimney. Will this aromatic reminder of your fire ever go away? Or will you be forced to […]

How to Fix Water Damage Under the Sink

No one likes to be surprised by an unpleasant, wet mess under the sink. Yet it happens on a regular basis to homeowners. They open the doors to the cabinet in their kitchen, only to smell the telltale scent of musty mildew. Or they walk into their bathroom and discover a puddle that leads them […]

Most Common Questions and Answers During the Water Damage Restoration Process

If you need water damage restoration in your home, it’s only natural to have questions about the water restoration process. What is water damage restoration, exactly, and how does the water damage restoration process work? For the answers to these questions, read on. What Is Water Damage Restoration? Water damage restoration is called for when […]