Mold Remediation & Mold Removal Services in Chicago

When it comes to mold, time is the enemy.
That’s why our goal at ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park is to remove mold as quickly as possible. To help achieve that goal, ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park technicians and project managers complete a comprehensive company training program to ensure the latest technology is used in the mold remediation process.

The most effective drying techniques require us to use sensitive tools to measure and record the temperature, humidity and moisture content of both the home or building and its contents. We follow detailed, operational procedures based on the IICRC and EPA Standards for proper mold remediation. This allows us to determine the best mold remediation procedure based on the type of mold, affected areas and extent of the damage.

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How Mold Removal and Mold Remediation for Chicago Residents Differs

At ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park, we focus on both mold removal and mold remediation. One solves the symptoms, and the other addresses the problem.

Mold removal is the process of actually taking care of the mold and getting the mold out of your house. We’ll use our proprietary systems and products to make sure we thoroughly clean and sanitize all the areas that have been affected by mold. This leaves you with a spotless, good-looking and great-smelling home or office.

Mold remediation is finding the source of the mold and fixing it so you have no future mold or mildew. Mold is caused by excessive moisture, so our job is to find out where that moisture is coming from. Often, it’s a situation of poor drainage, foundation issues, pipe leaks, flooding basements or other problems. We’ll explain how to fix the situation so you no longer have to worry about mold.

Remember that mold isn’t just a nuisance. It’s also a serious health and wellness concern for humans and pets. Contact ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park at (773) 346-6767 to schedule a time to meet with us as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Mold:

Typically, your eyes and nose can be used to hone in on mold contamination, although that is not always the case. Symptoms of mold within a building may include:

  •  Inexplicable presence of musty odors. You may become accustomed to these after living with them for a while, so make sure you pay attention if other people notice these types of smells. They are not as “in tune” to the odor as you might be.
  •  Colored, fuzzy or slimy blotches on walls or other surfaces. These can be any color, including white, grey, brown and black. Black mold is especially dangerous, so please call us right away at (773) 346-6767 to talk about mold removal and remediation.
  •  Water stains on walls, ceilings or other surfaces. Many people do not realize water stains may indicate there is mold and mildew growing on the walls, ceilings or floors.
  •  Excessive moisture and/or water damage that’s been present for over 48 hours. Even if you clean up water that has spilled, it may have seeped into cracks, causing a build-up of moisture-loving bacteria.

When Mold Attacks: The Sights, Smells & Side-Effects

Beyond the grotesque appearance of mold growth and the foul odors emitted by active mold colonies, inhabitants of mold-infested structures may also face allergic reactions – itchy eyes, sneezing and nasal congestion – when exposed to the presence of mold. Depending on the sensitivity of the individual, skin rashes, fever, wheezing or shortness of breath may occur.
Best of all, we offer clients standardized line-item pricing accepted by most insurance companies.

Don’t Attack Mold Alone

If you want to get rid of mold, it’s important to get the help of a professional. Mold is sneaky, and even though you might believe you’ve rid your house of it, the colonies may still be alive and breeding. It’s always better to let experts handle mold issues.

Why ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park Has a Spotless Reputation for Mold Removal

There’s a reason that your neighbors trust ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park. We give every job our all, and we treat customers the way we would want to be treated. Our goal for any mold removal or remediation project in Chicago is to leave you with a safe, sanitary residence or office building.

Wonder what your mold removal or remediation project will cost? We offer clients standardized line-item pricing accepted by most insurance companies. Even if your insurance will not cover the cost of mold removal, we invite you to call us at (773) 346-6767. You cannot afford the risk of having mold actively growing in your residence or workplace.

ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park has been helping families remove mold for more than half a century. Let us help you, too.

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